Potfest 2022

Next weekend I’m taking part in an event called Potfest in Melton Mowbray #potfest. https://potfest.co.uk/potter/maggie-baker/

Maggie Baker

This completes a cycle for me that started many years ago.

Poetry & Pottery: The Perfect Partnership

There is no way I would have completed that cycle without all the help, inspiration and support I’ve had from family and friends.

And the wheel is going to keep on turning!

2 thoughts on “Potfest 2022”

  1. Hi Maggie, I’ve just been catching up with my emails and hope Potfest went ok. I can’t remember where you said it being held but hope it wasn’t too far. Time seems to be flying by at the moment – we’ve been away in Watford for a few days on a couple of occasions to help our eldest daughter and son-in-law with the arrival of baby girl. Fortunately our grandson was fairly well behaved for us! We’ve also been down to Somerset and Devon to visit friends and family plus also to my sisters in South London to catch up with her and also our cousin who is staying on and off while she starts a cancer trial at the Royal Marsden (she has lung cancer and this is the last resort, so we all have everything crossed that something will work). I’ve been thinking a lot about Bill recently, it’s hard to believe a year has gone by and I keep meaning to phone Pete and see how he’s doing and keep forgetting! But that’s age creeping up on me. Well that’s all for now as were about to go off out to Choir practise and yet again find I can’t remember as much of the songs as I thought I could! Best wishes to Trev, Love Maggie xx

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    1. Hi Maggie – lovely to hear from you. You certainly have a busy life, and do hope it works out well for your cousin. I too have been thinking a lot about Bill, and met up with Debs at the Potfest event – she travelled down specially. The event went well and spurred me on to do more work, but always at my own pace! I was thinking of setting up another Zoom meeting in January, do you think that would be a good idea? If you speak to Pete please pass on my best wishes. Love to you and Peter. XXX


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